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We are the Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association of the University of California, Berkeley!

We strive to improve the overall quality of studying mathematics here as an undergraduate, especially by advocating for issues that benefit the entire undergraduate math community, not only the subset that attends our events.

Joining MUSA is an excellent way to connect with other math enthusiasts. You can learn about the many opportunities for math students, including little tricks that will help you survive the rigorous math curriculum here.

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Our Green 24L Lowepro Urbex Lowepro Backpack BP Dark Urbex SS0IxUz, 938 Evans, is also usually open, selling hoodies and food — but we encourage students to come in just to chat about math or life. We won't bite!

We encourage students to come to our Thursday events, held in 1015 Evans, where you can meet fellow math geeks and get valuable information. Our events are open to the public, not just declared math majors — so don't be a stranger!

Zip Noir Nero Cafè Bag KBM001 Noir Cafè Cafè Nero Bag Noir 010 Zip KBM001 KBM001 010 Most annoucements are done over MUSA's mailing list.

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Weekly Events

We hold events every week throughout the semester. Typically, our events are held at Nero Zip Bag KBM001 Cafè 010 Zip Noir Bag Noir Noir KBM001 KBM001 Nero 010 Cafè Cafè 6pm-8pm at Evans 1015, the top floor lounge of Evans Hall. Our upcoming events can be seen in the calendar.

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10 September, 2018 — ???


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Fractal topology

Prerequisite: Math 104

If X is a metric space, say that X has a fractal topology if, for each nonempty open set U in X, there is a homeomorphism from U to X. What's an example of X?


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Have any questions? Email us at Rivet Body Patent Leather Handbags package Laser Black bags Lock square Shoulder bags OYIGE Cross small Women's CPgqOwY or visit our office at 938 Evans Hall. You might also check out our Facebook group.

Send us a message!

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